Having fun – making a difference

Having fun at ScoutsPart of the Scout’s Promise is to be a friend to the environment. This involves understanding the environment and doing everything possible to preserve and protect it. One way of doing this is to learn as much as possible about your surroundings and how to survive an navigate your way around. Another is to spend time cleaning the environment in order to return it to a pristine state.

Recently the Scouts of the 1st Strubens Valley Scout Troop participated in a 10km incident hike organised by the West Rand District, where they were required to navigate their way around a route and overcome certain obstacles including basic survival and first-aid. Five of the Scouts from the Troop participated in the hike and successfully completed all the obstacles and stages of the hike. The hike was held in the open and hilly area of Helderkruin situated just off Oukilp Road near Wilro Park.

As with most events of this nature, the Scouts were required to rely entirely on their own capabilities and those of their specific patrol. Scouters from the various Troops involved were present to assist with advice and to ensure that the Scouts were never in any danger, but that was as far as the help went.

Once the hike was finally over and all the participating Troops had returned, the Scouts then lived up to the other part of their Promise by collecting all the visible rubbish and trash in the area.

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